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Online training. The art of mediation


What are we going to surprise you with?


The Art of Mediation is high-quality online training program. With 4 modules, 25 units and an attractive virtual campus, where you will find exercises, downloadable materials and training videos.

Campus.Formación online. El arte de la mediación.


Who is it for?


The Art of mediation is…

  • To those responsible for human resources and teams, who are concerned about helping the people in their organization to build and transform regular conflicts into opportunities for professional and personal growth. Be aware of the referents in the management of human resources and in psychosocial and emotional health.

  • To you, who has always been interested in learning to manage conflicts.


It’s for you, if; 

  • You seek to innovate, resolve and prevent how to deal with discrepancies. You want those responsible to be able to lead with values ​​of empathy, active listening and resilience.
  • Your purpose is to create committed teams and strengthen the organization
  • You feel that you need to help improve relationships between departments, teams, managers and colleagues.
  • You know of the existence of the conflict in your organization and you want to remedy it before it is too late.
  • You understand the value of the economic and emotional cost of having teams facing each other.
  • You want to mitigate the impacts of the pandemic is creating and consciously lead your team.
  • You have tried countless methods to motivate your team, but you still do not understand why they do not feel the colors of the company, perhaps you have a silent conflict that boycotts any action, have you thought about it?
  • You need to expand the training of managers and intermediate positions in an easy, practical and online way in skills that promote cooperation and good labor relations.


These trainings are carried out, in collaboration with

Formación online. El arte de la mediación.entrevista
Formación online. El arte de la mediación
Formación online. El arte de la mediación.
Formación online. Logo.El arte de la mediación.
Formación online. El arte de la mediación.Carol Pinilla
Formación online. El arte de la mediación.Montse Mir
Formación online. El arte de la mediación.montse mir carol pinilla

Synchronous formations in television format

Times have changed, learning models, too. Distance training systems have great advantages, but today we already know their drawbacks:


What do we need to do attractive distance training?


  • Teacher-student interaction
  • What story do I explain – do I perceive?
  • Visual “seduction” capacity
  • Somatic learning
  • Immediate application


From CMBMediala we propose training, in television format, with live and with attractive visual resources. The courses, within their own conceptual scheme framework, will have their defined storytelling, created by professional scriptwriters.

From CMBMediala we adapt to your needs, offering you high quality in all our interventions.

Formación online. El arte de la mediación.plató
Formación online. El arte de la mediación.montse mir.plató

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